7 Great Ways to Use up Leftover Pickle Juice

Reducing Waste

As a company obsessed with reducing both plastic and food waste. We thought we'd share with you some great ideas on how to use up the leftover pickle juice from our pickle products once you've eaten the last ones.

We all know that feeling when it's the last pickle in the jar and you're staring at the lovely leftover juice. You start pouring it down the sink, knowing in the back of your mind that there's something resourceful that you should be doing with this precious liquid. But what? Can you re-use pickle juice?

Absolutely you can. Crooked Pickle is on hand to help you with that very dilemma and you'll be surprised at just how versatile our leftover pickle can be.

Here are our 7 top tips for leftover juice and we’ve even recommended which one of our lovely pickle products you could use:

        • Create a truly wonderful marinade that will tenderise all of your meat choices, especially pork and steak, it will help break down any tough spots. Korean Garlic


        • Liven up humus. Sometimes humus just needs something else doesn’t it? A couple of tablespoons of pickle juice will do the job, instantly livening up any old tub of hummus. Pink  Herby Cauliflower


        • Unsurprisingly, pickle juice goes really well with potato salad and similar deli products. Especially if you're eating them with fish or burgers. That added tangy taste will transform the mediocre into a true taste sensation.  Sweet & Crunchy Onion juice or for an extra kick Hot Bread & Butter


        • Add it as the secret ingredient in cocktails! This is going to blow your socks off, but seriously, try adding a dash or two of pickle juice to your Martinis or Bloody Marys or maybe try a Pickle Juice Whiskey Sour. As pickle juice contains sodium and potassium which are electrolytes, they could potentially help reduce hangovers, but even if they don't, the juice definitely makes a wicked cocktail ingredient, for that we are most definitely certain. Bread and Butter pickles are the perfect choice for this


        • Use instead of vinegar when making salad dressings. Our pickle juice will give your salad dressing a lovely savoury flavour full of delicious vegetable and herb flavours with lively tang. A handy hint here is add some olive oil directly to the jar of leftover juice and give it a good shake, voila - an instant dressing. Pink Herby Cauliflower or Bread and Butter pickles are delicious choices.


        • Shake a few slugs of this magic juice to macaroni cheese (as well as a side of our pickles too!). It will give will liven up the cheese by adding some power punch - you’ll wonder why you’ve never added it before. Sweet & Crunchy Onions


        • Finally - drink it straight up! Yes, that's right, have yourself a pickle juice shot. It will kickstart your day and aid your gut bacteria in the process too.

There you go. So next time you’ve reached the bottom of the jar, don’t despair,  try one of our top tips and you’ll be happy with the knowledge you’ve utilised every single ounce/drop of your Crooked Pickle purchase.

With Spring fast approaching, why not try a jar or two of our super delicious Spring Veg Piccalilli and remember to try out our top tips when you’ve reached the end of the jar (which will be fairly soon after opening as it’s seriously good piccalilli).

Finally, for March, we’re really proud to shout out about our latest product, Bango Nero Hot Sauce a tropical hot sauce for adding a little taste of sunshine to your burgers, burritos & quesadillas, just enough heat to be hot whilst still being tasty. It’s a limited edition product, so grab it now!

Enjoy guys.





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