Serve up some game changing Wimbledon pickle sandwiches

Wimbledon’s world famous tennis tournament is back after a two year break and I for one am using it as a brilliant excuse to munch away on some delicious and ‘smashing’ Wimbledon inspired pickle sandwiches. 

Usually around the time of Wimbledon, the weather has picked up, schools are winding down towards the summer holidays and generally people are embracing the outdoors. This goes for food choices too. Lots of picnics, bbq’s and al-fresco dining in general. 

Summer Picnics

If you’re lucky enough to be heading to the tennis, a good picnic will be essential kit. Of course, there are delicious (and quite often overpriced strawberries) along with jugs of delicious Pimms but picnics wouldn’t be picnics without Scotch Eggs, sausage rolls and of course - a mountain of deeply filled sandwiches. 

But not just any old sandwiches, using our selection of Crooked Pickle Co products, say goodbye to boring, limp lettuce filled sandwiches of yesteryear and start piling on some crisp, fresh  and zingy pickled vegetables. Adding our pickled vegetables will help create sandwiches that are anything but boring and will liven up any picnic spread. 


So first off, here’s an ‘ace’ idea for vegetarians. Houmus sandwiches with a pickle twist. A generous spread of Houmus teamed with our vibrant, chopped sweet pickle carrots, then, add a layer of our award winning bread and butter pickles and finish with a blanket of Little Gem lettuce (crisp and crunchy). A vegetarian sandwich that won’t disappoint!


When we think of a traditional picnic and especially if it’s an event like Wimbledon, smoked salmon sandwiches are a must-have.  Instead of small delicate finger sized sandwiches with just a ‘taste’ of salmon, we prefer the more substantial bagel (did you know that in tennis - a bagel set is when one player wins the set six games to love -  how interesting! )

These donut shaped yeast leavened rolls with a slightly chewy texture, make the perfect foundation for smoked salmon and cream cheese but we like to take it a step further and add a layer of our Pickle Me Pink Herby Cauliflower.  

This crunchy cauliflower is pickled pink by the touch of beetroot, steeped in a vinegar, spiced with Middle Eastern herbs and spices. It’s not just a taste sensation, it’s vibrant colour will make any dish mouthwatering and it adds a lovely twist to the traditional cream cheese and salmon combo

Crooked Pickle Club

The final sandwich choice must go the picnic ‘club’. A triple decker hearty sandwich with just a few ‘set’ rules.  It’s your choice but in general, this classic deli sandwich has layers of chicken, bacon, eggs, lettuce and tomato. However, you can switch all of these options for whatever you want to serve, as long as it has the layers. 

For a picnic, we like the idea of using a thick slice of British ham rather than the bacon and keeping one layer just for the pickles - because we think they deserve their own layer - don’t they?

For all of your pickle inspiration, you can view our full range here . If you have any recipe suggestions or inspiration for our pickles, be sure to email and tell us. 

That’s it for June, but I think you’ll agree - it’s game, set and match to Crooked Pickle Co!





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