Crooked Pickle's Guide to Creating the Ultimate Valentine's Cheeseboard

What could be better on Valentine's Day than creating and sharing a delicious cheeseboard platter with the love of your life? Or maybe show yourself some love and create the ultimate cheeseboard for one to - savour and enjoy. 

Whatever you do, make sure you've got Crooked Pickle Pickles at the ready, including our rather alluring 'Pickle me Pink, Herby Cauliflower’. These fragrant florets that will add colour and a delicate spice to any discerning cheeseboard. 

A good cheeseboard looks impressive yet is extremely easy to put together, so what are you waiting for? Choose your cheese and grab those pickles now! 

How Many Cheeses Do I Need?

There are no set rules concerning how many cheeses you need to use, but we feel that you need to have at least five or six pieces of cheese on offer so you can experience different textures and flavours. It's quite a challenge to choose just six, however, as long as you include soft, crumbly and hard cheeses, you'll sample a good selection that will complement each other nicely. 

Flavours and strengths

We think that having some mild and creamy cheeses with some stronger flavoured ones works well; especially if you're having a larger gathering - but it's entirely your choice. 

Ultimate Cheeseboard Choices

But which cheese should you choose? You could go for a traditional British cheeseboard with Stilton, Cheddar, Wensleydale and Somerset Brie or you could try a more continental theme and include, Gorgonzola, Camembert, Manchego and Gouda (or their equivalents).  

Other ultimate cheeseboard favourites include:

  • Double Gloucester
  • Goats Cheese 
  • Smoked Cheese (like Smoked Applewood) 
  • Chaource 
  • Cheshire 
  • Roule


Use a wooden serving board if you have one, failing that a large platter will do just fine. Arrange your cheeses on the board, just casually dotted around, not lined up as this will look boring. In between the cheese, you can now start adding the cheese biscuits, nuts and grapes. You're just filling in the gaps. It doesn't need to look neat!

Side accompaniments

Along with the crackers and biscuits, it's also nice to have some bread on hand to slice. Lovely sourdough or maybe some olive bread will do nicely, (butter is optional).   


Last but by no means least are the pickles. ‘Cheese and Pickle’ is quite simply, a flavour match made in heaven. The sharp acidic taste of the pickles cuts through the rich and sweet fattiness of the cheese. You've also got the crunch factor of the pickle paired with the soft texture - a taste sensation all round. 

Place a selection of pickles either in small bowls on the cheeseboard itself or perhaps in larger bowls at the side. Let's face it, nobody wants to run out of pickle, do they?

Finally...grab your plate, knives and tuck in. 


NB. Although we've highlighted Valentine's day, a cheeseboard isn't just for special occasions, is it? Just like our fine selection of pickles, they can be enjoyed at any time, day or night. Check out our full range here


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