Crooked Pickle Guide to the Perfect Picnic

Even though it's hard to believe, Summer is fast approaching. 21st June is officially the start of Summer and what better to mark this occasion than National Picnic Week which runs from 19th - 27th June. 

Quintessentially British (even though the origins of the picnic lie in France), what could be better than spreading out a gingham blanket and enjoying some traditional picnic fayre? With over 180 million picnics taking place each, it's a popular way to spend our time. With that in mind, we thought we'd put together our very own guide to creating the perfect picnic. So here it is, the Crooked Pickle guide to the perfect picnic (and yes - pickles and relishes are essential).

Where to have them?

With lockdown easing, it’s essential to spend as much time outdoors as we can. Here in beautiful Derbyshire, we're blessed with beautiful places to picnic, with the stunning Peak District National Park on our doorstep and elegant historic homes like Chatsworth. However, you don't need country parks or Wind in Willows river banks to enjoy a picnic. Picnics can take place anywhere! A park or field, your garden or balcony - even your living room carpet (you don't need good weather for these either!). 

Picnic Food Essentials

So now you've chosen your location, it's time to think about the important stuff; What food you want to eat? With so much choice available, picnics are no longer the home of soggy sandwiches and crisps. Picnics today are taste bud treats. However, as tempting as it may be to include every item from the deli counter - just take what you need. Far better to eat up everything than re-pack it or even worse - throw it away! 

Finger food is the order of the day for picnics. Quiche, sausage rolls and perhaps the ultimate picnic food - the Scotch Egg (Fortnum and Mason claim to have invented this class as a snack for travellers, back in 1738). There are lots of lovely scotch egg recipes available, catering for all dietary requirements so no one ever needs to feel left out. For sandwiches, why no take them to the next level with an Italian Picnic Loaf, layers of delicious fillings (including our  bread and butter pickles or maybe spring veg piccalilli) sandwiched together in an Italian ciabatta loaf. Mouthwateringly simple but effective. Homemade kebabs (meat or vegetarian) and pittas are tasty and delicious alternatives to sandwiches and again will be richly enhanced with Crooked Pickle pickles. Some fresh fruit and maybe a simple loaf cake and there you are. Done!

All-round Picnic Must Have's 

Food all ticked, the location is chosen, there are just a few more things to consider. If you are venturing out into the countryside, some insect repellant will prevent painful and itchy stings and bites. Despite the lack of sun so far, it's always good to have adequate sun protection, far better to be safe than sorry. A blanket or sheet to sit on, preferably one that you can wash goes without saying. Make sure you also have lots of water too - it's so important to keep hydrated, especially for children who may be running around. If you're not in the driving seat, you may want a beer or a glass of wine - but remember - you've got to carry the picnic bag and unless you want arms like Mr Tickle, you don't want to be lugging about a heavy bag. 

At the end of the picnic, always clear away your litter. Very important!

Keep it Simple

Like most things in life, the simpler the picnic the better. It's all about the fun. In our opinion picnics should be about re-connecting with each other, enjoying the outdoors and the sunshine (unless it's raining) and generally embracing life.

That's our motto here at Crooked Pickle central. 

Enjoy your picnic!



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